Friends have asked, "Why do you need a web page?"

Well, partly it's the librarian in me, the storyteller. Once I got the digital camera, I enjoyed making up little photo essays with my Siamese cats, having them send holiday greetings, tell jokes and go on adventures. I'd post these on a message board or send them via e-mail, and people seemed to enjoy them. There were always some newbies out there, though, who had trouble downloading the pages, or people with firewalls, or older computers or newer computers... that seemed to not receive the page. I realized that if I had a web site, I could just send people an address, and control how big the picture was, etc. Plus, I'd seen other people's sites and thought it looked like a neat thing to do.

I took a week off from work, and taught myself the basics of how to use Dreamweaver. I had a LOT of help from some great people. It's been fun too! I designed the wallpaper on this page from a picture of Libby, flipped horizontally and vertically, then arranged with corners touching to make almost a kaleidoscope effect.

Then I started some construction in the backyard. Family and friends wanted to know how it's going, and where the progress was to date. SO, I added the construction of a room to enclose a swim-spa to the stories and pictures of my Siamese.

I'm also into quilting, so you'll find some pix of the latest quilts on the site too!

Hope you enjoy!